Get Fit, Not Fat This Christmas

It’s the most wonderful time of the year. And while that means a celebratory season of fun with family and friends, it also means that festive food and booze are in full flow.

And while there is no problem with enjoying a little bit of excess over the Christmas period, it can often become an issue when January arrives and you are left feeling overweight and under-motivated.

So, what can you do to keep yourself fit while festivities are so frequent?

Here are some top tips to keep you in shape and ensure that you head into the New Year in good physical condition.

  1. “Who Cares, Its Christmas!

    We all know how it goes. We keep ourselves in good shape for 11 months of the year. However, as soon as the Christmas Tree is bought and the chocolate, crisps and other snacks appear more frequently in the house, all of your efforts go out of the window.

    This is down to the far-too-often relied upon adage that you will return to your fitness routine again in the New Year, as part of a resolution.

    Just because its Christmas, it isn’t compulsory to have a second helping of dinner, or another bar of chocolate…you can say no!

    Enjoy yourself – just remember to retain some control over your calorie intake and keep exercising when you can.
  2. Make Use of the Quiet Fitness Season

    Some studies have shown that Gym’s can be up to 40% quieter in December than at any other time of the year. So why not take the opportunity to make use of a space where every machine is available and you can exercise in total freedom?

    This reduced capacity can also allow you to try new classes or test out machines that you perhaps have avoided due to their popularity.
  3. Find a Festive Workout

    If you are struggling to find the time or motivation to continue your exercise regime during the cold, dark and busy Christmas season, you could try and exercise in a different way.

    Winter walks with the family can be great fun and can also burn off some excess calories. Ice skating is also an activity that can help keep you fit, especially as a number of outdoor rinks appear with significant frequency during this time of year.
  4. Set Realistic Goals

    Unless you are extremely dedicated to a long-term fitness goal, it can be almost impossible to adhere to a workout regime at Christmas that you have been using throughout the year.

    With visiting families, an increase in social functions and plenty of presents to buy and wrap, it can be almost impossible to find the time for your scheduled workouts.

    Therefore, it is important that you create yourself an altered, reduced and most importantly, realistic training schedule for over the festive period. You are much more likely to stick to this than try and stretch yourself with a daily, complex regime that you know you will not adhere to.
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