How to Remove Makeup Properly

It is common knowledge that you’re your skin sometimes needs to be bare and makeup free in order to stay in good condition. However, it can also be a seemingly impossible task to remove every single piece of makeup, especially if a significant amount has been applied.

By following a number of simple tips, you can remove all of your makeup and ensure that your skin remains in tip-top condition.

Pads over Balls

While both cotton balls and cotton pads do a good job of removing a large proportion of your makeup, the former can cause some issues. Balls can often break apart during use, which leaves residue and fibres on your skin, subsequently leading to irritation.

For the most thorough clean, specialist cotton pads will almost never leave anything behind on your face and are designed to be as sensitive as possible to your skin.

Reduce the Wipes

While this may seem like a counter intuitive approach to take to makeup removal, it is in fact a guaranteed way to ensure a makeup free face.

Wipes are a good way to remove a large percentage of the makeup from your face. However, don’t make the mistake in thinking that just because you have used wipes, you are ready for bed.

Once you have used the wipes, head to the bathroom, run a sink full of warm water and soap and rinse your face thoroughly. This ensures that no dirt remains in your pores, which can lead to those pesky blackheads in the morning.

Take it Slow

If you want to ensure that your makeup has been completely removed form your face, there is simply no point in rushing the job. This is especially applicable for the removal of eye makeup, where you must let the remover do its job before wiping it off.

Let your remover sit on your face for a few minutes, while you brush your teeth or getting ready for bed. This will allow your makeup to lift away with ease upon wiping.

Wash it All

Paying close attention to detail just before bed time can be challenging at the best of times. However, you wouldn’t brush half your teeth or wash just one hand, so don’t do the same for your face.

Prior to your routine, push your hair back away from your face and tie it u if required. This will allow you to clean right to the edges of your face, ensuring that no residue remains and subsequently, no pores or breakouts occur along the hairline.

Don’t Forget to Moisturise

A key but massively overlooked of your daily makeup removal routine is moisturiser. Just because you don’t have dry skin does not mean that you don’t need to avoid adding moisture to your face. Removing makeup can quickly dry out the skin, which need re-hydrating as soon as possible. This not only applies to your skin but also your lips, which should have balm applied and eyelids, which should be moisturised with specialised eye cream.

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