How Your Gym and Spa Can Help with New Year’s Resolutions

You needn’t look far on the internet to discover an interminable list of exercise regimes, all of which claim to be the ‘best and only way to look trim for the summer’!

And so, the New Year begins.

While some may still be dusting off your hangovers from your New Year celebrations or working your way through the leftover chocolate from Christmas, others are starting to act on their resolutions.

A 2015 survey suggested that the most popular New Year’s resolution among Brits is to get fitter and healthier. In fact, almost two-thirds of respondents listed this as their priority for the new year.

However, another survey from the University of Scranton revealed that only 8% of those who make resolutions at the start of the New Year, actually stick with them past the first month.

So, if you are one of the many people who want to improve your health and fitness in 2020, the best way to accomplish your goal is to find a place that offers a comprehensive range of features designed to help you stick to your resolutions – and The Lab health and spa club offers just that.

What’s on Offer in 2020?

Unrivalled in its facilities, The Lab is so much more than a standard London gym.

Firstly, a comprehensive day spa offers a place to relax, unwind and rejuvenate from the stresses of modern life, especially the uninspiring cold weather of January. A truly serene retreat amongst the hustle and bustle of the Capital, there are a number of luxury treatments and facilities available, including a swimming pool, twin spa baths, Scandinavian saunas, marble steam rooms, a poolside relaxation area, massages, beauty treatments and much, much more. There is simply no other London spa like it.

Additionally, the Lab gym is all about ensuring that you enjoy your workout, whilst also gaining maximum health benefits from it. With a vast range of Olympic standard equipment, The Lab gym offers variety to your workout. Small yet essential touches have also been implemented, including state-of-the-art air conditioning, panoramic windows and dedicated gym staff who will offer as much help as possible when asked.

Alongside the gym and spa, The Lab also has a number of classes which can be booked in advance. These classes range from classic HIIT workouts and Yoga to more unique activities such as Wu Tai Chi and Latin Dance. These classes are a brilliant way to keep your interest in fitness as your goal for 2020.

Finally, the indulgent Juice Bar is the perfect way to cap off your experience at The Lab. Whether you are looking to give yourself a burst of pre-workout energy, want to rehydrate your body after an intense class, or simply looking to socialise with fellow members, The Lab Juice Bar offers a host of healthy food and drink options.

From light meals and smoothies to juices and shakes, our freshly made menu has been uniquely developed to provide optimal nutritional benefits for you to enjoy throughout the day.

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