How’s your skin amid the lockdown?

So, how is your skin doing during this lockdown period? Whilst one could be forgiven for assuming that staying at home might mean less make-up, less pollution and therefore better skin, this may actually not be the reality.

Stress, poor diet, the season change, and a lack of vitamin D can all cause havoc on your skin, so it’s just as important as ever to treat it with care.   

Probably the biggest culprit contributing to bad skin at the moment is stress. Difficult to avoid in the present climate but when our body feels stress it automatically releases cortisol - the hormone that provokes a fight or flight response in us.  This in turn affects our oestrogen production and the end result is that our sebaceous glands over produce oil, which can sometimes lead to spots and problem skin.  Try to take out 20 minutes of your day to just relax. Whether for you that means some meditation, watching something on television, reading a book, or exercising, it really doesn’t matter - as long as it helps you to relax.

Try and maintain a healthy diet where possible – the health of your skin can often be a reflection of what we are fuelling our bodies with. Eating a diet rich with foods that contain antioxidants such as colourful fruits & vegetables can help in the fight against free radical damage and may even improve skin appearance.

Finally, keep up where possible with your normal at home skin care routine ensuring that your skin is regularly cleansed and moisturised. Ensure that you are removing your makeup correctly. Gently exfoliating your skin at least once a week will also do it the world of good as it removes dead skin cells which can clog up the skin and allows moistures to penetrate the new cells below leaving your skin looking and feeling healthy and fresh.

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