Interval Running – try something new during Lockdown!

With another month of Lockdown upon us, we know how frustrating it is to have just got back into your workout routine for it to all be thrown upside down again.  There are however certain things you can continue to enjoy outside of the gym, particularly whilst the weather is still fairly mild, and if running on a treadmill has been your thing, Interval Running is definitely for you!


In this fun form of exercise you will run at a faster pace than your normal natural pace, the pace will be more strenuous for you and will not continue indefinitely but rather for predetermined length of time.  There will then be an interval with a slower paced jog allowing you time to recover and this will then repeat for a set number of repetitions.  The concept behind this is that it’s not always about how far you run and that sometimes, switching to interval running can be more effective than long-distance.


Not only can this form of running help to increase both speed and performance it can also be a great tool for weight loss as if done efficiently it can burn far more calories that a standard jog. Fast sprints use more energy than slower, longer runs but this also means they can not be kept up for the same length of time without rest. The intensity of the workout also means that the after-burn effect is much higher after an interval run and this of course means that the body is still benefitting from the run some time after it has ended.  If you normally struggle to keep focused one could also argue that this type of exercise is will keep you more engaged.


Intensity refers to the rate of perceived exertion (RPE) that you experience when running and it is usually measured on a scale of 1-10 with 1 indicating very light activity with little or no exertion (activities such as sleeping or watching television) and 10 indicating maximum effort activity where it seems almost impossible to keep going (think completely out of breath, unable to talk etc) and which you would only be able to maintain for a very short time.


Lev 1 – 3 min walk@ 2-3 RPE : 1min Jog@ 5-6 RPE (Repeat both x4-6 Reps)
16-24 Mins, 2 x week

Lev 2 – 2 min Jog@ 3-4 RPE : 1min Run@ 6-7 RPE (Repeat both x6-8 Reps)
18-24 Mins, 2 x week

Lev 3 – 1 min Jog@ 3-4 RPE : 1min Run@ 7-8 RPE (Repeat both x8-10 Reps)
16-20 Mins, 3 x week


• If you have a historical or current injury or health concern then please do not try anything until you have checked with your health care professional that it is safe for you to proceed.

• Make sure that you invest in the right footwear! A good pair of trainers will help to increase shock absorption and also act as a grip to the
surface you are running on.

• Clothing -  You need to ensure that you are visible to vehicle drivers at all times, particularly at night so invest in some high vis sportswear. Layer your clothing and ensure that you have a waterproof layer on top.  You may also need to take into account the possibility of chaffing in sensitive areas.

• Hydration – Ensure that you take sufficient water with you so that
you remain hydrated.

• Have a quick recce before you go and be aware of your own Health & Safety (are there possible trip hazards?, particularly busy junctions? Etc)

• Don’t forget to take a timer or use a smart watch so that you can time and specify the length of intervals.  You might want to use an app that is compatible with our treadmills so that you can continue once you are back in the club.  LF equipment works with both Apple and Android devices along with apps such as:, Googlefit, Runtastic, Runsocial, My Fitness Pal and also wearable devices such as FitBit and Jawbone.

• Don’t run alone at night and always keep your phone and ID on you so
in case of emergency.

• Use your common sense and don’t do things that you would
normally consider dangerous.

Above all, HAVE FUN! And let us know if we can provide any further
help or assistance.

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