Train like an Olympian in London’s best Pools

You needn’t look far on the internet to discover an interminable list of exercise regimes, all of which claim to be the ‘best and only way to look trim for the summer’!

If you are looking to kickstart a new exercise regime in 2020, you should seriously consider taking up swimming. There are countless health benefits to hopping in the water, all of which should help you achieve your fitness goals for the new year.

However, living in the cold, dark and perennially rainy winters of the United Kingdom does not allow for an abundance of swimming pools to enjoy. This is why it is important to find a high-quality indoor pool that allows you to swim all-year round.

The Benefits

Unlike many other land-based exercises, swimming offers a complete body workout that is low-impact, lessening the risk of aches and pains.

As a cardio workout, swimming can very quickly move your heart rate to the fat burn stage, all without emptying your stamina. Additionally, those who harbour chronic pain or are recovering from an injury can truly benefit from a pool-based exercise regime.

Those seeking a more strength focused workout should not be dissuaded from using the swimming pool. While it has extraordinary benefits for your cardiovascular health, it is also just as efficient at improving muscle strength, particularly in your legs and arms.

Furthermore, swimming is considered to be a great way of alleviating stress. The surge of endorphins from the exercise combined with the tranquillity and warmth of the water offers a perfect, calming alternative to more vigorous exercises.

Where to Go

If you live in or near the Capital and are looking for a London pool, there is no better place to start than The Lab health club.

Both the Mill Hill Swimming Pool and the Muswell Hill Swimming Pool are based at The Lab’s two sites in fantastic locations. Both have been used by Olympic swimmers in the past, which tells you just how revered these pools are.

But what makes them so special?

The stunning underground pools utilize the very latest UV light technology, which offers the highest level of water clarity and purity.

UV light is effective against all micro-organisms, meaning our pool guarantees a healthier, more refreshing swimming experience.

To top it all off, if you are looking for a London gym, The Lab offers a sensational facility with the very latest exercise machines, as well as a health spa offering an unrivalled number of treatments.

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