Trends That Have Defined a Decade of Fitness

As we wave goodbye to the 2010’s and enter a brand-new decade, it can often be important to look back and reflect on what the last ten years has bought to society. From ever-expanding technology to political division, it has certainly been a period of change for many.

This significant change also applies to fitness trends, which have cropped up in significant numbers since 2010. We have all experienced these trends in the past, from Jazzercise in the late 1970’s to Aerobics in the early 1990’s. But what fitness trends have truly made their mark on the last decade and why have they become so popular?


The ideal solution for the busy, modern man or woman, HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) workouts have become exceptionally popular over the past 10 years. There are many possible reasons for this, but an obvious reason seems to be the fact that people have very little time anymore to exercise.

HIIT workouts are designed to reduce the amount of time needed to complete a full routine, whilst increasing the intensity of the exercises - in short, less time, better results.

The fact that HIIT workouts can be completed almost anywhere has also increased its popularity. In the fast-paced world of today, people fill their hours with work, social media and more. Having to only set aside 20 minutes per day to perform an exercise routine from the comfort of home is a real benefit for many.


While dancing has been a popular and recommended exercise activity for decades, there was a significant jump in the variety of dance/exercise classes of the last 10 years.

For example, Zumba has become one of the more popular gym classes in the United Kingdom. Born from salsa and meringue music in South America, Zumba combines fast-paced dance movements to ensure a full and enjoyable cardio workout.

The popularity of Zumba has increased over the last decade, in part due to its enjoyable nature. However, it has also proven to be a really effective method of helping people keep fit.

Mental Health

Perhaps less a fitness trend and more a lifestyle trend, focusing on mental health has been a long overdue issue that has started to be addressed with more frequency over the last 10 years. The combination of physical and mental health is an important balance to get right for many people.

Many fitness regimes now take a look at the impact of said exercises on the mental health of a person, as well as their physical health. This is perhaps why Yoga and Meditation have continued an upward trend of popularity throughout the last decade. These fitness activities focus on relaxing the mind, whilst also helping to improve physical condition.


Remember the good old days of having to write your daily calories down on a piece of paper to ensure that you were not exceeding your limit? These kinds of activities are things of the past thanks to the introduction of fitness tracking devices and apps.

Not only can people keep track of their nutrition, exercises are also measured through heart rate sensors, telling you how many calories you’ve burned, how much distance you have covered and so on.

This type of fitness trend is something that will continue to develop and grow in popularity as the limits of technology expand.

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