We are all concerned with giving our body what it needs nutritionally and physically with delicious food and exercise but we often neglect the outer layer – our skin!

Quick and easy steps to keep our skin in tip top condition should be on our daily checklist.

Regular skin brushing or exfoliation whilst in the shower helps to stimulate blood circulation and helps remove toxins through lymphatic drainage, as well as removing any dead skin cells that often dull the skin.

A quick face exfoliation once per week in your routine is also recommended not only to encourage cell renewal but also to leave a clean, well-prepped skin so serums and moisturisers can be absorbed more effectively and thus be more effective.

Two great products we recommend are the ESPA OPTIMAL PRO CLEANSER – a 3-in-1 gel cleanser, exfoliator and mask – to nourish, smooth and visibly brighten the complexion. Ideal to use daily with warm water with a gentle massage into the face to melt the jojoba spheres and followed by a simple rinse. Twice a week leave on the face for 15 minutes to allow the mask to activate.

For the body: GUINOT GOMMAGE FACILE – (easy body scrub) ideal to use in the shower to sloth away dead skin cells.

GUINOT HUILE MIRIFIC -A nourishing dry oil that contains passion flower. This easily-applied oil nourishes the skin leaving it beautifully supple, luminous and wonderfully soft.

A real hero product from ESPA. This intensely- hydrating overnight treatment mask leaves the complexion replenished and radiant.

With active chicory root, cedarwood and konjac root to hydrate, smooth and boost the skin’s natural barrier, and with added encapsulated lavender with its soothing and restful properties.

Not only will your skin look amazing in the morning you'll also benefit from a restful sleep!

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